If this article ticks you off then you’ve come to the right place.

The recent shooting of a police officer n Philadelphia and the politically correct response from the Philly Mayor Jim Kenney, make it clear that we are still refusing to see our enemy for who they are…Islamist violent extremists – killers willing to visit violence on anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their radical version of Islam.

Instead, our many of our political leaders continue to frame the enemy as “ISIS inspired,”  “lone wolves” or acts of workplace violence.

ISIS knows this and they are exploiting our inability to name our enemy   at every turn. They even highlight this in the November 24th propaganda video titled “No Respite” where they taunt the use of ISIS surrogates using $.50 cent bullets against us while we spend 250K per bomb and missile on bombing campaigns that have no impact on this enemy.

Meanwhile ISIS grows and positions themselves to hit us harder and closer to home.

Let’s not forget that the ISIS faithful believe they are literally living in the end of days and their job is to draw in crusaders under an 80-banner coalition to realize their Islamist radical prophecy.

The depth of violence ISIS will visit upon us at a community level to establish paralysis, social control, and yes…draw us into their manufactured holy war is difficult to imagine. But, if more political leaders continue to dismiss these growing attacks as workplace violence, we won’t have to imagine it…it will become our reality.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Former Green Beret and best – selling author of Game Changers Scott Mann and Mission America are launching a Contract to Protect Americathat demands politicians call our enemy out and get serious about winning.

Please read – sign – and share the contract. We need a million signatures to gain a better strategy and it starts with you!