Episode 1 – What ISIS Fears Most


As we saw just last week in Brussels, ISIS is once again on the march in Europe. This is the first of many attacks that Europe will endure under this terrible group of criminals. It won’t be long before they turn their sites on America once more. We’ve been in this war for fifteen years and we’re losing. Our current politicians and those running for office are ill-prepared to deal with this threat. This isn’t a Republican issue or a Democrat Issue. This is an American issue. The best and most powerful asset to enable our democracy to defeat ISIS is well-informed and mobilized populous. It starts with you and how well you understand this enemy. Don’t wait on D.C. to do this and don’t think that you’re not important enough to dive into this. Truth is you are exactly the person we need diving into this problem and understanding this enemy. Whether you are a stay-at-home Mom or a small business owner, this one hour podcast will make you smarter on this threat than any of the D.C. politicians. So, go ahead…dive in and start your journey. Do me a favor, share this podcast with your tribe and have them subscribe. Remember, this is a movement and we need our tribe to grow, from the bottom up.

Don’t miss next week’s MannUp Report where we’re going to continue our conversation on how to defeat ISIS, what every American should consider during this year’s election, and finally…we’re going to dive into three Green Beret skills of making human connections that will help you in every aspect of life and business.