Episode 39 Square Tank in a Round Jirga (Part 3)


“Square Tank – Round Jirga”
Part 3, Economic Development

In part 3 of this five part series on Afghanistan, Scott takes a critical look at the use of economic development in Afghanistan. Though well – intended, strong arguments can be made that many of our problems in Afghanistan stemmed from trying to force the ‘square peg’ of big Western development into the ‘round hole’ of rural, clan society. Join us and learn how we can get it right for the future work in Afghanistan.

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  1. Felix Gregorian

    One thing to remember these countries, including Afghanistan where set on the Silk Route either on the North or South.
    As I have deployed 4 times to Afghanistan, and worked with ETT, PRT, SFAAT, and CJTF PALADIN, I have learned this; The Afghan people no matter how poor, understand business, enjoy conducting business transactions and these form of transactions for business, is been seeded in their blood for generations.
    In fact we might agree, economy and the drive to improve it, thru industrialization has made our world advances much more possible. This is what all under developed countries require. A way to find the most prominent hook, so they can hang their business hats on. I believe developing their internal under ground wealth of minerals and mining could be the catapulting fuse to propel Afghanistan and countries in similar plight into a path of prosperity. But has to be augmented and powered with security, governance, infrastructures, and education. Not all might happen in succession. But do need security and infrastructure.

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