Episode 8 – Warrior Transition with Guest Doctor Diego Hernandez


Scott Mann welcomes special guest Doctor Diego Hernandez into the studio to discuss the challenges of military transition. The aspects of mental health are essential for every transitioning warrior and family member. Concerned civilians and veterans alike should listen in to this episode!

About Doctor Diego

Doc Diego is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who completed two studies as Clinical Director of the Military Trial of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). Dr. Diego works privately with active duty military, Veterans and Veterans’ organizations like Hooah, Veterans Alternative, Brian Bill Foundation, Lone Survivor Foundation, and Camaraderie Foundation to address the needs of present and past service members with PTSD, anxiety, depression, marital conflict, and transition. In practice, special attention is on SF and SOF community including junior and senior operators, with particular attention to mild TBI and physiology of trauma.

These are the programs for achieving high-performance in transition mentioned and endorsed by Doctor Diego on today’s show:

If you are a Veteran in crisis or know someone who is, don’t wait…REACH OUT!!
National Veteran Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255.
Florida Veterans Support: 1-844-myflvet or 1-844-693-5838
Camaraderie Foundation, Inc. – This is a non-profit organization that provides re-deployed or deployed warriors (and their families) with supplemental counseling, emotional, and spiritual support to alleviate the stress associated with their transition from the battlefield back into society. To be considered for financial assistance or to make an appointment with a counselor, call (407) 841-0071 or visit our website: www.camaraderiefoundation.com
Quantum Leap FarmA non-profit organization providing comprehensive equine therapies and retreat center providing therapeutic horseback riding and other rehabilitative or recreational programs for kids and adults. Phone: (813) 920-9250 or website: www.QuantumLeapFarm.org
ART ScholarshipsFinancial assistance is available for anyone interested in the ART Therapy that Doc Diego talks about on our podcast. To learn more about an ART Scholarship contact the Camaraderie Foundation at (407) 841-0071.
Veterans Alternativea non-profit organizations serving veterans experiencing triggers related to combat and/or military sexual trauma and their families through a resiliency and strength – based program utilizing proven alternative therapies..