Episode 16 – The Green Beret Dilemma (Part 1)


How do Quiet Professionals Tell Their Own Story?

In this first part of a two-part podcast recorded on location at Ground Zero Scott discusses the challenging aspect of how “quiet professionals” can increase their relevance by telling their story. The purpose of this podcast is to mobilize Special Forces Leaders into telling their story at Ground Zero when the “America Responds” monument is commemorated on Sep 13th, 2016, but also to put the Green Beret Narrative forward on a bigger stage as well.

In Part I, Scott will walk through the mission of Green Berets and how their silence in the last few years is contributing to an absence of knowledge by American Citizens and military and political leaders of their unique capability to fight elusive enemies like ISIS like no other force can do.

Horse Soldiers Film by Alex Quade, Narrated by Gary Sinise