ISIS and the Mission America Victory Garden Tour


Lt. Mann said he spent almost 23 years in the army, and 18 of those years included Special Forces as a Green Beret. Because of his expertise, both liberal and conservative media outlets, including CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News, have requested his expertise on the topic of ISIS.

“I spent a lot of that time working in and around a range of insurgent and extremist efforts,” he said. “Green Berets, our specialty is Guerilla Warfare, so we actually study and immerse ourselves in that kind of bottom up kind of work.”

Mann said this work included going behind enemy lines and studying special warfare. “That’s our expertise: special warfare,” he said. “Since the (World Trade Center) towers fell, I have been heavily immersed in the War on Terror, and my focus was primarily Afghanistan, although I have done significant work against foreign fighters in Iraq and other places.” Mann retired from the Army a little less than three years ago where he spent the last 10 years on active duty in Afghanistan focusing on a new bottom-up program. “Even since that time, I’ve been heavily engaged with this,” he added.