My wish for 2016, is that I’m wrong…


I really hope that I am dead wrong about my 2016 analysis on ISIS.

But, the world’s reaction to the horrible death of one pretty little Bosnian girl in the Middle East tells me I won’t be.

ISIS thugs had a banner year for horrific violence across the world this 2015 – from explosions in Paris to hostage taking in North Africa to mass shootings in San Bernardino – these monsters engaged in acts of local horror across the globe as part of their so-called end of days campaign. They used this coming apocalypse that their myth entrepreneur conjured up as bastardized versions of Islamic prophesy to justify their abhorrent violence around the world.

But, it’s the local horror they visited on people in their safe havens inside Syria and Iraq that tell the real story of these monsters and more importantly, the apathy of the rest the world to do anything about it. It’s as reminiscent of Hitler’s insidious “horrorism” against millions of Jews in World War II, and the rest of the world who pretended it wasn’t happening. One young lady stands out as an example here.

A young Bosnian Girl named Samra Selenovic was brutally murdered by ISIS animals who had originally lured her to their purported Syrian Caliphate as the “Poster Girl” for drawing other young women into their paradise on earth. Hardly paradise.

Shortly after arriving in Syria, Samra was married off to an ISIS fighter and became pregnant. It wasn’t long after giving birth, that she was then used as a sex slave – a gift given to newly arriving ISIS fighters to be sexually abused and sodomized.

Samra wrote to her Mother saying she desparately wanted to come home and get away from all of the ISIS brutality. She tried several times to escape but was always caught. And just days ago, she was bludgeoned with a hammer to the head by ISIS members and died of her traumatic injuries.

Sandwiched in between the criminal charges of Bill Cosby and the U.S. New Year Celebrations, the media and the world took almost no notice of this young girl’s death at the hands of evil men whose sinister reach grows deeper and darker with every passing moment.

But, we should be careful. It’s this willful ignorance that provides short-term comfort to Americans all over the country this holiday season. But, rest assured…our time is coming.

San Bernardino was just the beginning. ISIS leader al Baghdadi has made it clear in his recent radio address that they will bring more violence to the US and civil societies all over the globe in order to usher in their manufactured holy war and end of days.

But, there is something more here that gives me pause while most of the country celebrates the coming new year. It’s our inability see these events and indicators in one coherent picture. It’s our failure to look at thousands of senseless deaths like young Samara at the hands of ISIS, the recent arrest of two Pakistani terrorists just inside the U.S. – Mexico Border, the reach Muslim Brotherhood has achieved into our highest levels of government, and the video warnings from ISIS themselves as cumulative indicators of a perfect terror storm that will strike America in 2016.

I hope I am wrong. And if so, I’ll be the first to happily admit it when I craft my final 2016 blog post next December.

And God forbid I am right, I hope more of us will shake off this holiday-slumber and get ready to stand our ground. And for sure, we need to come together as an informed citizenry and put some politicians in the Presidency and Congress that will take this threat seriously before it’s too late.

How about you? Are you dialed into this threat? Or are you just hoping it stays “over there?”

Either way, I suspect we’ll know who got this one right sooner than later.

De Opppresso Liber,

Scott Mann

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